One Of A Kind

We design and create one-of-a-kind jewelry and renovate/reimagine heritage pieces.

Are you interested in custom made jewelry of your dream? Do you own passed down jewelry from your family and would like to give it a new life?  Please contact us at We would love to collaborate with you.

These are some examples and customer feedbacks:

Custom designed Sun & Moon Rings for Sherry and Catherine

White gold bands with the moon phase engraving on the surface of the ring. Their handwritten names are engraved inside.

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Sally's Jade Ring

Makeover project from the customer's vintage ring which was past down from her family. We used all the stones from her old ring - jade, small marquise and round diamonds, and gave them new life. One of a kind piece.

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A pair of pearl and diamond pendant for Abraham

These were very special collaboration pieces and truly a dream project. The customer sent us 2 beautiful pearls and a broken gold earring with diamonds which he found while he was taking a walk with his fiancé. 

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Cat signet ring for Kosei

I was commissioned to create an original engraving design for a Japanese customer in Tokyo who loves cats. "Always with you" engraved inside the ring for all the sweet memories of past and future. 

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Customized Sun & Moon Ring for Angela

The moon phase engraving outside the ring. There is a lovely message inside the ring.

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Carlotta's Wedding Ring

A simple band with 7 small diamonds. We used recycled diamonds from an old ring from the customer's family.  

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Magnolia brooch for my mom

Magnolia tells the arrival of spring time. My grandma's house, the garden of the house I was raised, magnolias have always been around all my life. I have made this for her birthday.

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Justin's Wedding Ring

Gold rose signet ring for a customer in Florida. This ring also has a beautiful custom engraving inside the ring.

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Emi's Engagement Ring

Her boyfriend Kenny, now her husband, was planning a surprise proposal. So this was a top secret mission.  We worked together for a few month exchanging ideas, sketching, designing and selecting this gorgeous center diamond - A vintage European cut VS quality diamond. And he had to measure ring size while she was asleep!

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Logo earrings for Aloha Picnic

Product details on their brand website


A message from the customer:

We asked Futaba Hayashi to collaborate with us on creating timeless, precious and long-lasting fine jewelry pieces based on our logo design and we cannot be happier with the result!

Futaba took time to listen to our ideas to really understand what we were trying to convey through our design, used her expert knowledge to make helpful suggestions to solve some concerns we had and was so punctual with production schedule. We will definitely ask her to collaborate with us again next time we have a fine jewelry project!

- Aloha Picnic

Inverted cross earring for Jason

A message from the customer:
Futaba jewelry has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. The unique designs with attention to detail initially caught my eye and I now have several pieces I wear daily, and rigorously on tour. Even my requested custom earring design was executed flawlessly and completed speedily. The customer service is excellent and the materials are beautiful. I love it all.


- Jason Corbett