Brand Story

Childhood in Japan and map symbols
I grew up in Japan. When I was around 7 or 8, we learned how to read maps in elementary school. Among the terrains and roads, there were rice field, Shinto shrine, grave yard and many more, each represented by tiny icons. The road I walked every day to school, the shrine where we played hide and seek, - they are all there.
Map icons opened my eyes to the power of visual communication.
It was fascinating to see my familiar environment on a piece of paper. These icons can guide us and tell us about landmarks and destinations at a glance!
Before I shift my passion to jewelry design, I worked many years as a graphic designer in NYC. Captivated by tiny symbols, I've now channeled that appreciation into the intimacy of jewelry.
This is a tiny shrine in my childhood neighborhood.

Thank you for being part of my journey!